GM6640 /GM6641


※GM6640 is an automatic start controller
※GM6641 is a self-starting controller with mains fault detection and automatic power switching.
※Voltage and current are measured with true RMS
※Chinese, English, Russian, Spanish and Portuguese menu options
※3.7 inch blue screen dot matrix LCD display
※Unit maintenance time preset and reminder function
※ mutual standby function
※Multiple analog measurement inputs, and built-in various sensor selections, or custom parameters
※Multiple definable auxiliary controller relay outputs

※Multiple definable digital inputs

※ The buttons on the controller panel are used to select the mode mode. Start and stop the program. The data display and operation protection parameters are modified. The LED indicators are used only for the operating mode of the controller and the operating status of the generator set. The LCD displays various measurement parameters and status.

※USB communication port, communicate with PC, can read and set the operating parameters of the controller.

※ Optional CANbus communication port, parameter reading and control of ECU engine

※ Calendar and clock

※4 event records with clock

※Implement scheduled events to start and shut down




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